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Riding a wave is by far one of the best remedies for abandoning the complexities of our human experiences.  So when I recently read about the"Bangladesh Surf Girls" I was beyond stoked and immediately pledged some $$$ to the cause.  


From a young age Bangladesh girls are expected to work long hours and are often married off prior to turning eighteen.  In fact only 40% of girls actually pass secondary school exams. However, two amazing individuals, Rashad Alam and his wife Vanessa Rude are making waves in this sea of oppression by providing surf lessons and education to Bengal girls through the Cox Bazar Surf life Saving club.

However, it comes at a cost.  Two hours surfing is two hours worth of potential money making for the girls and their families.

Essentially Rashad and Vanessa purchase the girls a slice of childhood by providing their families with provisions such as rice and cooking oil, funded by donations and in turn, provide the girls with the platform to form a united front against social prejudices, stockpile self confidence and experience liberty! These girls are ruling the waves of the Cox Bazar!

To donate to the girls at the Cox’s Bazar Lifesaving and Surfing Club, visit: www.surfforlife.orgDonors must include “Bangladesh Surf Girls” in the comment field. 


Words by Monique Sverdvik


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