in conversation with Adriana of Bobo Choses

Hi Adriana, how are you?

Hello Hipkin Kids! All good, thanks!

How was Bobo Choses born, and when?

Well, Bobo Choses was born in 2008 after realising that we couldn't find nice clothing for our children. There was a clear gap in the children's fashion market. I remember that the brands we admired were Nordic, and there was no brand in Barcelona or shops to find that kind of design. There wasn't anything fun that represented our spirit. Everything was much more classic, with a vast difference between boy and girl's clothes. So we decided to try our luck creating a mini-collection. And here we are, a few years later, explaining stories through clothing. I think that was the key factor that differentiated us from other brands. For us, it is capital to reach the child with stories through clothes. We want to become their favourite t-shirt.

Where is Bobo based?

Our head office is Mataró, Barcelona. We work in an old toy factory two blocks away from the Mediterranean Sea, learning from the local manufacturers' know-how.

How many designers do you have?

Bobo Choses is an incredible family of 37 amazing people. In the design team, we're ten people, including fashion design and creative/graphic design. They're the best team in the world! We are a family; we enjoy our work, we are children stuck in adult bodies. We like to draw, listen to music, and laugh at ourselves. We've been together for ages, which helps when it comes to organising and communicating with ourselves.

Who is the creative mind behind the collections? Does it vary with each collection?

Behind every collection, there's always the effort and essence of the whole team. The collection is born from an idea of the creative team. The concept takes shape when the fashion team puts their hands on it. Both Fashion designers and Graphics work very closely.

The communication team is also involved in this creative process to give the appropriate atmosphere to our campaigns. Once the samples are produced with the production and purchase team's help, it's the wholesale team's turn to show it to our clients and gather their feedback. Once the collection is produced and shipped, thanks to our operations team, it's time for our clients and e-commerce team to shine! And let's not forget about our IT and administrative teams, who secure everything runs smoothly every step of the way.

What is the inspiration that drives you to have such creative collections with wonderful stories behind them?

Inspiration is in a book, a photograph, a song, a movie ... Our collections always have a look at our childhood, sometimes it is as if we resisted getting older. I like to observe how people are dressed in the street, travel, and discover new things.

I am fascinated by the rationalist architecture, the Bauhaus school, Le Corbusier, Josep Lluis Sert, and Eames, Jean Prouvé, Ettore Sottsass, Miguel Milá. There are also many artists that I like, Joan Miró, Sonia Delaunay, Joan Brossa, David Hockney, Calder, Jean Arp. But even designers and illustrators like Eric Carl, Bruno Munari, Enzo Mari... In the world of fashion, Coco Chanel, Rei Kawakubo, and Josep Font.

Do you ever talk to children and get their input on the design and functionality of clothing?

With my kids? Yes, I look at their taste, their way of being, their fears... Everything unconsciously has an impact on me. In most of the collections, there's a part of them.

What do you have in mind when designing children's clothing? Is it about the way they look or more about comfort and what children want to wear?

Both things are essential. Children don't stop; they lay on the floor, they jump, they play... Clothes can't bother them, and at the same time, they have to like them. I think that our collections' colours and prints are beautiful and cheerful and bring a touch of originality that both parents and children appreciate.

What do you think people love most about Bobo, and why are they so loyal to your brand?

I think Bobo goes beyond children's clothing. As a company, we have values and a philosophy that people respect and identify with. We try to reach the little ones through content, such as illustrated stories, both digital and offline activities…, that awaken their creativity. We care about our environment: our customers, our suppliers, and our planet. We want to think that what we do has a reason for being and is very authentic.

Where are your garments produced, and do you have a certain standard you need to meet?

Our garments are made locally. For example, the current SS21 collection "For President" was 98% produced between Spain and Portugal, 80% of which was produced no more than 12 miles away from the headquarters. As I said before, we love to support our local manufacturers and learn from them every step of the way.

At Bobo Choses, we have always been responsible for our social and environmental footprint. We strive to create friendly products for our environment and continuously improve our production processes' sustainability, especially knowing how negatively textile production and the clothing sector impact the planet. Although producing goods will always have an impact, our challenge is to try and make it minimal. For that reason, the production and finishing factories we work with are OEKO-TEX certified.

Plus, all of our suppliers need to comply with our Code of Conduct, which helps us share our mutual responsibility for fair labor and a safe working environment. We strongly believe that, at a time when environmental protection is no longer an option but rather the key to our future, sharing this commitment with our children becomes an obligation. At Bobo Choses, as much as we love to create new exciting worlds for both kids and grown-ups, we would like to make the world a better place to live in.

What are Bobo's dreams, and where do you see them headed in the future?

To continue telling stories, transmitting the values of creativity, humility, and respect for the environment through our garments and contents. Grow as a family, connect with more people and other brands with whom we share passions and concerns. The truth is that we love to dream; there are always lots of ideas and new challenges in our heads, hahaha.

Why do you love Bobo?

It's just another child of mine. It was born the same year as my eldest son, and I have experienced it as such. Its birth, growth, good days, and not-so-good days. It's part of me. It's also a big family of families, and it's also home.


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