Mental Muscles


"Being mentally strong is ten times harder than being physically strong.  Mental stamina does not come from the muscles or from training.  It comes from your heart...and from the mind.  Calling on my heart is far more difficult than calling on my muscles" Catherine age 12, Quote taken from Strong is the New Pretty.

It's early July so going to an inner city Melbourne beach seems like a crazy idea. However, today I am willing to brace the cold and icy wind to catch up with 11-year-old Maddie who is training to qualify, in order compete in the STATE under 13 cross country competition.  
Maddie, what makes you get out of bed on those really cold mornings?
"It's the feeling of success & knowing that I am doing my best".
Maddie, what is it that keeps you going on those long runs when your brain is telling you to stop?
"It's the sweet spot.  When I go into the sweet spot I feel like I'm somewhere feels really easy to gives me energy and just feels really good".
Do you like to win?
"Yes, I do like to win" however you do learn more from losing than you do from winning.  When you lose, you figure out what you need to work on and so in some ways losing is better than winning".
What do you tell yourself to keep you motivated?
"One of my favourite quotes 'Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard'".
Maddie also has 4 motivational words written on her hand...
PERSIST: "keep going and try your best".
IGNORE: "ignore anyone who might upset you or make it difficult or challenging".
FOCUS:  "focus so you can give it your best shot".
COURAGEOUS: "stand up for what you believe in and what you think is right".
What is your take home message for all the kids out there working towards their goals?
"Never give up in what you believe in! Always try your best no matter what happens, train hard and most importantly just ENJOY IT"!!!!!

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