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And then there were two...

This week, my beautiful friend Kat kindly took some time out from her busy schedule to answer a few questions about becoming a Mother for the second time and to introduce her beautiful baby girl Lola.

Accomplished in so many other facets of her life (career women, rad snowboarder, surfer, yogi, wife & genuine kind soul) it is not surprising that Kat has taken on motherhood with gusto.  In fact, the connection between mother and daughter was so profound I found myself yearning for number four (until school pick up).  On zero sleep (Lola woke every hour the night before) Kat is still able to share some very honest insights into her experience of motherhood thus far x




  How have you found the change from one to two kids?

  I knew there would be challenges adapting to having two children however, nothing prepared me for Rocco (Kat's first born) not coming near me for about a week when Lola was born! It absolutely broke my heart. Rocco was so used to having me to himself so it was a huge adjustment for him too. We've now all adjusted and Lola adores watching anything Rocco does and Rocco loves the attention from her. 


 How do you get through the days on zero sleep? 

I was fortunate (or unfortunate!) enough to get very little sleep for the first 2.5 years of Rocco's life.  By the time Lola came into the world lack of sleep was second nature!  



How do you stay positive and keep it interesting, for you within in the confines of Lola and Rocco's needs?

  I make a point of going on an adventure every day!  Whether that be to a new park or to the local market. I'm a bit of a chatterbox so we tend to make friends wherever we go.  I'm a happy and positive person however some days are hard. Getting fresh air is so important to me.  It's an instant mood changer for those not so great 'I'm exhausted' days. It always makes me feel better so I try to go for a walk every day.


Who is your biggest support?

Can I say coffee?  I'm fortunate enough to have a very hands-on husband who is the greatest papa to Rocco and Lola. Along with family and friends, I also have found that Instagram has a great mum community providing an endless supply of advice and laughs! 

Last parting words of advice?

I've never been one to parent by any guidelines or books...Follow your instincts and listen to your heart! It's worked for me x


Composition & photographs by Monique Sverdvik

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